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Long Reach 高中 (LRHS) PTSA 正在寻找个人自愿参加2022-2023学年. 


请联系丽莎拉夫兰总统 或参加 2022 年 9 月 12 日的会议以进一步讨论您的兴趣。副总统的投票将在 2022 年 9 月 12 日的会议期间进行。

无法承担任何这些职位但仍想提供帮助?我们感谢任何 time 或您可以提供的帮助。只需单击下面的志愿者兴趣表链接,让我们知道什么最适合您。 


  • Coordinates our fundraising efforts

  • Gives a status report at monthly meetings


  • This chair coordinate the implementation of the National PTSA Reflection Program with material from LRHS students. The Fundraising committee is responsible for advertising and disseminating information to the students, collecting entries, recruiting judges, having entries judged, and forwarding the winning entries to the PTA Council of Howard County (September - November)

社交媒体 主席

  • Handles all changes and updates needed to the LRHS PTSA website

  • Submit invoice for web service to the treasurer for payment

  • Update president of any needs


  • Be a member of a great organization!


  • Translate written documents for circulation to our Spanish speaking families

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